About Us

An old English saying goes “Good wine needs no bush” meaning that high quality products do not need to be advertised - they sell themselves through virtue of their substance. To live up to this standard Iv Cellars samples a wide variety of wines ranging from traditional to fruit driven New World style, to bring to you a product that stimulates the senses and invigorates the soul.

Founded in 2009 Iv Cellars continues to selectively increase its portfolio of imports to be able to offer a wider selection to our esteemed clients. To reach the high standards that Iv Cellars has set, every addition to its portfolio is selected only after having ascertained that premium quality grapes and state of the art wine producing technology are being adopted by prospective suppliers.

Our portfolio includes;
-     Vesevo range Falanghina and Greco di Tufo which are some of the most expressive wineries in the Mount Vesuvio region, combining great fruit concentration and floral nuance with the region's structured mineral reputation.
-     Ciccio Zaccagnini, who made a name for themselves through the “vino e arte” concept and by heavily investing in state of the art wine technologies to produce delicacies such as Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

-     Caldora wine range which boasts of maximum fruit expression in top quality wines for everyone to enjoy. Caldora famous Pecorino, named after the grape cluster’s resemblance to a sheep’s head, offers a highly aromatic wine with an excellent structure.

Iv Cellars has a profound passion for wine. We would love nothing less that to transform our energy and enthusiasm into offering a complete service to our customers. Further details about the various wine selections can be found in the Products section. For any queries or feedback please refer to our Contact Us