De Martino Stands Out, for the Second Consecutive Edition, as the Best Chilean Wine of The Wine Advocate

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The Wine Advocate, the world's most influential independent wine guide led by Robert Parker, released its most recent report regarding our country Chile: Think Outside the Box; the publication highlighted that Viña De Martino is no doubt one of the quality leaders in the country and, at the same time, it recognized the winery for its outstanding collection of bottled wines coming from individual vineyards, which evidence the potential of many different zones of Chile, with an exciting portfolio of fresh wines aimed at food pairing.

The article, written by the critic Luis Gutiérrez, came together with The Wine Advocate's score communication for the Chilean wines, where De Martino stood out again, obtaining some of the best scores of the country. 

Consolidating the position reached in the previous review, Vigno / Single Vineyard La Aguada Carignan obtained the highest score again among all the Chilean wines tasted by this guide, with 96 points for the 2013 vintage, a position which was shared this time with three other wines.

In general, the entire Single Vineyards line strengthened its leading position with scores progressing from those obtained in the 2014 version: Single Vineyard Las Cruces 2013 reached 94 points; Single Vineyard Limavida 2013, 92 points; Single Vineyard Quebrada Seca 2013, 94 points; Single Vineyard Parcela 5 2014, 93 points, Single Vineyard Alto de Piedras 2013, 93 points; Single Vineyard Altos Los Toros 2013, 91 points; and Vigno / Single Vineyard La Aguada 2012, 92 points.

The publication also distinguished four wines of the Legado series (Cabernet-Malbec 2014, pts., Chardonnay 2014 and Sauvignon Blanc 2015); at the same time, the 2014 vintage of the successful lines originated in the Itata Valley -Viejas Tinajas Muscat and Cinsault, and Gallardía del Itata Cinsault and Cinsault Rosé- were also highlighted in the list, with scores above 90 points.