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Sensorial features: The fresh juice obtained at harvest is blended with the juice from the dried grapes, initiating a second fermentation, rendering a more highly concentrated and complex wine. What we like to refer to as our "baby Amarone" is more approachable with its pleasant and fruity character with raisin-like qualities.

Deep, ruby red in colour, with intense perfumes of cherry-chocolate on the nose. On the palate the wine has good depth and power, with a hint of dried cherries from the 'ripasso' vinification. Smooth and full bodied, with a rounder style, lower acidity and fuller structure than a Valpolicella Classico Pairs well with a wide range of first courses, including full-flavored pasta and risotto dishes. Also enjoy with roasts such as veal, turkey and lamb, as well as with grilled meats such as barbequed chicken, steak or sausages. Excellent with mushrooms and hard and semi-hard cheeses. For maximum expression of fruit and flavor, serve at 18 C in large red wine glasses.

Technical notes

40% Corvina Veronese, 30% Corvinone, 25% Rondinella & 5 % Sangiovese

Alcohol content:  14.5%

Bottle size: 750 ml & 1.5 ltr

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