Jeio Cuvée Brut Price € 9.40

jeio cuvee extra dry

The Jeio line is inspired by the influential Desiderio Bisol, whose wife lovingly referred to him as Jeio. The father of the current owners, Desiderio is dedicated to product quality, acquiring only the steepest plots. While considerably more difficult to work, these plot were ideal for vine cultivation. The varietals for this limited production cuvée are selected from Bisol vineyards with a strong silt presence and low yields, resulting in a final wine with expressive, layered aromatics and intense flavour. 

This sparkling wine is exposed to the south, having a strong presence of silt which, together with a limited yield per hectare, allows for the production of a full bodied wine with intense flavour and aromatic qualities.

Sensorial features: Sparklingly clear gold-yellow colour. Elegant, complex with notes of peach and apricot and delicate hints of fresh, white flowers. Fine and persistent perlage. Full, flavoursome, harmonic persistent with a balanced softness.

Serve in flute glasses at 6-8°C, uncorking the bottle immediately before consumption.

Technical notes
Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Incrocio Manzoni, Sauvignon & Glera 

Alcohol content: 11.5%

Bottle Size: 750 ml

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