La Bruja de Rozas - €19.70

Comado G Bruja NV

La Bruja de Rozas is a red wine made in Madrid by Comando G. Comando G. is a young winery with the idea of producing wines from old Grenache. Hence the name G. G for Grenache.

Three young but very famous winemakers - Fernando Garcia ( Bodegas Marañones ), Daniel Gómez Jimenez Landi ( Bodegas Jimenez Landi ) and Marc Isart ( Bodegas Bernaveleva ) - are responsible for the Command G. with the intention to further the Madrid Region de Grenache grape to develop. All three winemakers produce Top grenaches under their individual label that can compete with the famous Chateaneuf wines, especially if you consider the price. The area is ideal for the Grenache (high, warm during the day with considerable cooling, considerable lime soil). This Averia costs a fraction of a 'Chateauneuf entry' but is guaranteed to be better. An excellent and more affordable alternative for lovers of southern rhône wines. Full, not too tannic, smooth and deliciously spicy. A wine with charm.

Sensory featuresThe Bruja de Rozas sources grapes from several vineyards in the vicinity of Las Rozas de Puerto Real. All hand harvested, naturally fermented with open top fermentation in French oak vats for nine months, strawberries, sun dried leather, blood orange, red currant and hibiscus all fuse together with plush tannins and fine acidity that finishes with clay pots and baking spice on the backend.

Grape variety: Grenache

Soil: Sandy granite

Age of vines: 50 - 80 years

Farming: Organic with biodynamic practices

Vinification: Hand harvested, natural yeast fermentation in open vats, 40-60 day maceration.

Ageing: 5 months in foudre and 500L French oak barrels.

Best servedGoat cheese, cold cuts, roasts, rice with meat, and mushrooms

Bottle size: 750ml

Alcohol content: 14.5%

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