Meursault "En Dressolles" Bio Price € 63.80


The Meursault appellation is part of the French region of Burgundy.

Sensory features: A gold-green robe. Almond and hazelnut roasted in a vegetal, floral and mineral environment. Butter, honey, citrus fruits also solicit the nose. On the palate, a rich and fat wine, with a nutty and delicious flavour: the balance between unctuous and freshness. Long, structured and served best when matured.

Grape variety: Chardonnay

Terroir: Limestone marl

Serving temperature: 11°C

Best served with: Foie gras, chicken in cream, poultry in stew, veal in white sauce. Lobsters, roasted crayfish, grilled fish and fish in cream sauce. Works well also with Roqueforts, bleus and Epoisses

Alcohol content: 13%

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