Lu Lu Sauvignon Blanc Price € 15.80


Sensory features: Fresh, vibrant and perfectly balanced with the just right amount of acidity, Hewitson LuLu Sauvignon Blanc is packed with zesty lemon and lime flavours along with plenty of delicate tropical fruits. With excellent balance and a long finish, this again highlights why Hewitson are considered one of Australia's leading Sauvignon Blanc makers..

Technical notes

Grape variety: Sauvignon Blanc

Terroir: The Hewitson LuLu Sauvignon Blanc vineyard is superbly situated between Hahndorf and Mount Barker on one of the highest and coolest loam and clay slopes in the Adelaide Hills. Proudly single vineyard, LuLu articulates the perfect expression of this variety in what is now generally regarded as the premier Sauvignon Blanc region in Australia. It will complement a large array of foods including fish, seafood, salads and white meats.

Vinification: Grapes are harvested in the cool, pre-dawn hours and are crushed and pressed immediately. Aged 100% in temperature stainless steel tank. 
Planting system: vertical shoot positioning; canopy management
Vine density: 4,000 vines per Ha
Farming: permanent grass inter-rows; irrigation from dam

Bottle size: 750ml

Alcohol content: 12%

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