Aurora Etna Bianco Superiore Price € 28.20

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Aurora Etna Superiore Bianco is stunning with delicate details that remind of top Premier Cru white Burgundy and still shows the pure terroir of Etna with exotic spice, flinty mineral and a lovely pale yellow/gold colour, with sexy white peach, tropical notes and kumquat as well as soft butterscotch, salty chalk and lemon marmalade. The main force is a refreshing citrus core, but the acidity is smooth and this refined white, only 11.5% alcohol, feels seductive on the palate with almost satiny texture. This is a light and lifting wine, but with vigor and complexity, the finish is lengthy and leaves lingering dried roses, mixed herb and a trace of honeycomb. This wine comes from steep slopes on lava/iron rich soils, it is surprisingly cool and the grapes develop plenty of character and acidity.

Sensory features: Very fine, subtle and closed. Minerally and almost a little flinty. Citric and slightly mouth-watering, a little chalky and waxy. Tight, green peach and lemon flavours. Fantastic ageworthy stuff that will take on more weight and depth with a couple of years in bottle. 

Aurora is a white wine product in Milo, in the area of Caselle (Etna east), at 800 m above sea level. The native and special vines are 90% Carricante and 10% Minnella. The vineyard is extended about 1.5 Ha. Plant density and spacing is 1.1m x 1.1 m, traditional alberello goblet training [single vines supported by chestnut posts for each plant], meaning 8,000 vines per hectare.Harvesting and cultivation are carried out by hand. 

From the Contrada of Caselle, 1 ha. Pressed and settled for 36 hrs. Fermented in stainless steel and aged on the fine lees for a year. MLF: ‘It happens or not, because the pH is so low often it just only happens partially. Leaving it on the fine lees helps to get MLF started.’ 100% Carricante. 

Aurora, means sunrise, is also called a native, small and pretty butterfly found on the Etna (pictured on the label).

Alcohol content: 12.5%

Bottle size: 750ml



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