Sondraia DOC Price € 43.60


Sondraia serves as a concrete example of how a textbook Bordeaux blend can be expertly crafted from Bolgheri’s terroir, creating an original and easily recognizable masterpiece.

Sensory features : Intense ruby red in colour with perfumes of exotic spices and notes of ripe red fruits. Round and full-bodied with warm, juicy fruit, silky, ripe tannins and a long, spicy finish.

Best served: Naturally suited to accompany char-grilled meats, particularly T-bone and fillet steaks, it also goes well with Kebabs, roasted veal, ribs, ‘ossobuco’, lamb shanks and pork. It is further enhanced when paired with smoked ricotta cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano and medium-matured goat’s milk cheeses.

Serve at 16-18˚C, in large red wine glasses

Technical notes: 60% Cab. Sauvignon, 25% Merlot & 10% Cab.Franc

Alcohol content: 14%                                            

Bottle size: 750 ml & 1.5 ltr

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