Soave DOC - € 12.70

Tamellini Soave 1570266673 200

This classic styled Soave is produced from hand harvested Garganega grapes from vines planted in 1960 & 1986. Several passes through each vineyard insure that only grapes with optimum ripeness go into the press.

Sensory features: The wine has a pale, straw colored hue with a pronounced floral nose with aromatics of stone fruits and citrus. On the palate, it presents a fine, somewhat mineral texture with notes of almonds finishing with bright, crisp acidity. Very fresh and zesty.

Technical Notes

Grape variety: 100% Garganega

Soil: Chalky Limestone, Clay

Vinification: Stainless Steel Vat aged

Best served with seafood, vegetable and lighter meat dishes.

Alcohol: 11.5%

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