Grappa di Moscato "Pian Centive" Price € 45.00

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Sensory Features: This unique liqueur is distilled from the best marcs obtained from the vinification of Pian Centive Muscat grapes.This distillate shows an amber colour after a long period of refinement in small Allier barrels. Harmonic but intense aromas; to the palate their flavour is soft, intense and persistent.

Technical Notes: The excellence of this grappa is guaranteed by the soft pressing of skins and seeds that are left in cask for fermentation. Separation from the must takes place before alcoholic fermentation. The distillate is typified by the rather intense aromatic flavours characteristic of Muscat, as it is obtained from dried grapes. The quality of grappa relies on the experience and skills that the master stillmen, equivalent to winemakers, have in selecting the heart of the distillate after having thrown head and tail away. Fresh marcs are poured into 200-litre casks where they await distillation to preserve freshness and aromas. We employ the traditional discontinuous technique according to which the leavenings are put in small copper steaming cauldrons. 

Alcohol Content: 40%

Bottle Size:  500 ml


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