Gavi DOCG Price € 13.90


Sensory features: This elegant Gavi from Olim Bauda boasts a stunning bouquet of floral notes and soft citrus fruits. A fresh and dry white wine, with crisp floral notes and hints of underlying minerality leading through to a piercingly pure finish.

Best served: Pairings well with shellfish, fresh oysters on the half shell (unadorned), seafood, Caprese salad or a semi soft/creamy cheese like taleggi.

Technical notes
Grape variety: Cortese 100%.

Vinification: grape destemming and pressing take place on the evening following harvest. Then, the must is poured into stainless steel vats, where it undergoes maceration along with skins at a temperature of 12°C. After skin separation, alcoholic fermentation begins and goes on for about 15 days at a temperature of 15-16°C; this temperature is needed to preserve the wine’s delicate flavour. Later on, a refinement will take place in stainless steel vats untill February.

Alcohol content: 12%

Bottle size: 750 ml

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