Moscato Passito 'San Giovanni' Price € 40.70


Moscato Passito from one of the best wineries in Piedmont, made from late harvested Moscatel from the Piedmont's limestone soil and left to dry in the sun. It is put on the market at least 10 years after the end of fermentation.

Sensory features: Deep amber yellow colour immediately shows the consistency of the wine, fine bouquet intense and pleasant. It offers a progression of olfactory sensations reminiscent of dried fruit such as fig and apricot, candied fruit such as orange peel accompanied by sweet notes that recall icing sugar and honey. Very persistent in the mouth without becoming cloying thanks to a good balance of acidity with the marked residual sugar.

Technical Notes

Grape variety: Moscato

Vinification: the selection of Moscato grapes takes place well into the autumn, much later than usual for this variety. At the time of harvest, the grapes are decidedly overripe and the withering phase begins on the plant. After harvesting, the grapes are laid on grates and left to wither in the estate’s farmhouse. Immediately after crushing, the must is introduced into small casks, where fermentation takes place. This continues for quite some time. The wine is bottled after a long period of ageing in small oak casks. It is usually released for sale 10 years after harvesting.

Best served: Vanilla cream or panna cotta with caramel.

Alcohol content: 11%

Bottle size: 375ml

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