Peperino Toscana Rosso - € 14.80

Teruzzi Peperino copy2

Peperino is represented by a rabbit knight holding a spear and shield and riding a hybrid creature, a snail with a human head. Drolleries, babewyns, antics with mysterious meanings or no meanings at all, hybrid creatures, monstrous medieval creations, or just the product of the amanuenses’ irony: A tribute to the symbols and the art of the illuminated manuscripts of the Gothic period.

Sensory featuresThe nose reads a good intensity and persistence, with woody notes that blend harmoniously with the wine’s fruity elements. A full wine with a pleasant, distinctive character, strong tannin notes, but well-balanced to the fruit, and a long aftertaste.

Technical notes

Grape varieties: 60% Sangiovese & 40 Merlot

WinemakingDestemming of grapes and alcoholic fermentation/maceration in conic barrels of 77 hl at a temperature of 28°C, followed by racking.

Food pairingThis spicy Tuscan red should pair well with beef dishes and matured cheese.

Ageing12 months, partly in stainless steel and partly in third-fourth use French oak barrique or tonneau, followed by 6 months of ageing in vats.

Alcohol content: 13.5%

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