Feldmarschall Von Fenner Müller Thurgau Price € 53.60

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This beautifully crafted wine is made from 100% Müller-Thurgau. The vineyards sit on the high plateau of Fennberg, protected from the northerly winds and ripened in a unique microclimate. At an elevation of 3,300 feet above sea level, these are among the highest Müller-Thurgau vineyards in Europe. The wine is named after Franz Philipp Freiherr von Fenner zu Fennberg, founder of the Austrian Kaiserjäger (soldiers of the Austrian emperor), who once used this picturesque Hofstatt as a summer residence.

Sensory features: Light straw in colour, the Feldmarschall offers intense aromas of stone fruits and crisp green apples with scents of jasmine and sage. On the palate, this beautifully balanced wine displays a rich minerality and zesty acidity that results in incredible finesse.

The Vineyard: The striking red soil is characterized by heterogeneous glacier moraine rock. At the middle levels, silty-loamy sand predominates, with some white and red marble as well as porphyry and granite foundlings. Dolomite and limestone are found in the deeper horizons. The soil's high salto content contributes to the fruit and herb aromas.

Wine production: The exposed site at 1000 metres above sea-level and the weather pattern call for harvesting in two to four passes with strict selection for optimum maturity of the grapes. After a short maceration period, the grapes are gently pressed. One half is left to ferment in a large wooden barrel and one half in a stainless steel tank, all without the use of added yeast. The young wine is then allowed to rest on the fine lees for just under a year. After bottling, the wine spends another six months maturing in the bottle. To preserve the full aromatic spectrum, the wine bottles are closed with a screw top.

Food pairing: Extremely elegant and refined, the Feldmarschall pairs well with a vast array of lighter seafood dishes, especially oysters and sashimi.

Bottle size: 750ml

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