Picolit Colli Orientali DOCG Price € 31.70


Sensory featuresThis wine is brilliant gold. Its delicate, engulfing perfume recalls honey, pastry cream and white peach. The palate will be charmed by its compact texture and pleasantly intense sweetness.

Technical notes

One of the diamond points of Friuli’s wine-making tradition, this extre- mely precious wine derives from a fragile vine variety that has been carefully cultivated thanks to the know-how of farmers who lovingly work to obtain fruit that is truly a gift of nature. Torre Rosazza boasts the largest expanse of Picolit dei Colli Orientali del Friuli vineyards and, for the company, this wine has a special symbolic value that un- derlines the deep link it has nurtured with the territory since its founding. 

Grape variety: 100% Picolit. Grown on Marly and eocenic at an altitude of 120 –180m above sea level in the Oleis di Manzano area.

VinificationThese grapes are harvested by hand in the autumn and later placed on fruit racks, for a withering process that lasts for nearly 60 days. During this period, the grapes lose nearly 40% of their weight. Successively, the bunches are de-stemmed and their marcs are pressed. The must ob- tained undergo alcoholic fermentation partly in stainless steel and part- ly in durmast barriques. 

Best servedThis has always proved a meditative wine and it’s a pleasant surprise with fois gras pate, buffalo ricotta with acacia honey and butter pastries or cream-filled biscuits. It’s also great with fresh cheeses like Robiola and Tuma de paia. 

Alcohol content: 13.5%

Bottle size : 500 ml

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