Pignolo Colli Orientali DOC Price € 35.20


Originally from Friuli, this vine has an ancient tradition that has been documented since 1300. It was abandoned over the last few decades in favor of international vines that prove more generous and consistent. Using the few vine stocks taken from the vineyards of the Rosazzo Abbey, the Colli Orientali of Friuli area has been re-planted with this noble vine variety, that’s capable of generating wines with great character and typical appeal.

Sensory featuresThis ruby-red wine has light violet hues. To the nose, it is very complex boasting spicy tones and hints of sacristy wood, incense and ripened mascara cherry. The mouth will immediately perceive the wine’s woody flavour that’s balsamic and spicy with a strong but soft tannic nature. Very persistent.

Technical notes

Grape variety: 100% Pignolo

Terrain type: Marly and eocenic

Best served: This wine is characterized by its versatility at the table. Though it’s known for its noteworthy structure, it also makes a good match for light, elegant dishes thanks to its pronounced refined feel. Thus, it serves well with tasty soups, bean soups and flavourful meats like roasts, veal shank and mixed grilled meats.

Alcohol content: 14.5%

Bottle size: 750ml

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