Sauvignon Colli Orientali DOC Price € 16.80


Sensory features: Straw yellow in colour, giving off a well-defined bouquet. Initially, you‟ll perceive linden, followed by the fruity citrus scent of grapefruit that ends with a delicate boxwood flavour. To the palate, it‟s savoury, markedly aromatic and refreshing. It lasts a long time in the mouth, revealing an intriguing mineral note at the finish.

Technical Notes 

Grape variety : 100% Sauvignon. Grown on Marly and eocenic at an altitude of 160 –170m above sea level in the Oleis di Manzano area.

Vinification: The grapes are harvested manually and are macerated at low temperatures, before being softly squeezed. The musts obtained undergo alcoholic fermentation in steel tanks and they are maintained at controlled temperatures. Successively, the wine is placed in yeasts for approximately 6 months until the bottling phase.

Best Served: Splendid when enjoyed as an aperitif, it matches well with savoury dishes made with fish and first plates seasoned with herbs. Also, try it with cold-cuts and fresh herb-filled cheeses.

Alcohol content: 13 %

Bottle size: 750 ml

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