Clematis Passito Rosso IGT Colline Pescaresi Price € 51.70


Sensory features : Bright cherry-red. Lovely sweet aromas of pomegranate, candied violet, sweet red cherry syrup and cinnamon. Fat and juicy, with plenty of acidity giving adequate lift to the intensely sweet red cherry and raspberry flavors. Finishes very silky and smooth, with above-average complexity and length. An excellent sweet wine that is a rare to find.

Technical notes: 100% Montepulciano

Harvest: after a certain ripening degree, the grape-bearing shoots are cut to foster the wilting process until the grapes reach the expected parameters

Fermentation: gentle grape pressing, maceration at controlled fermentation temperature and racked at the achievement of the expected parameters.

Ageing and evolution: this wine ages in 50-litre French oak half-barriques for three years, followed by bottle-ageing

Bottle lifespan: bottle-ageing can last even for over 10 years

Serving temperature: recommended serving this wine at a temperature of 14-16°C

Alcohol content: 13%                                            

Bottle size: 375  ml

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