Nectar S.A. Franciacorta Demi Sec Price € 46.40

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This represents a concept of contemporary ancestrality. A production philosophy of the early 18th century meets avant-garde technology with the aim of revealing the sublime qualities of a totally natural harmony.

Sensory features: Bellavista Nectar has a pale and persistent mousse. Its perlage is extremely fine and continuous. Straw yellow in colour, it develops a slight golden tinge with age. Subtle and delicate green reflections. Rich in bouquet, it abounds with white candied fruit, flowers, sweets and honey fragrances. The flavour resembles the nose and is creamy, broad and extremely smooth, supported by a very discreet freshness that endows the wine with balance and persistence. 

Technical notes

This special Franciacorta Cuvée is produced in extremely limited quantities and is the expression of a purer, more natural and sensual Demi-sec product; perfectly in line with the wine-making philosophy behind its creation. 

It owes its mellow character to the creation of a dedicated cuvée. This special cuvée, developed according to the strictest Bellavista traditional methods, is produced using exclusively Chardonnay grapes, from at least 30 different vineyards located on high hillside plots with ideal south exposures. Over 30% of the fermentation takes place in small white oak casks. 

The production process used for this must is the result of specific research that has enabled us to achieve a unique and completely traditional sensorial profile. 

For both, bottle re-fermentation and the disgorging process, we use sugared must that is produced exclusively from our own selected grapes, which are dried on the plant and late harvested. 

Bellavista Nectar is matured for at least 4 years following the harvesting of the grapes, before being released on the market. 

Grape variety: 100% Chardonnay

Residual sugar: 38gr per litre

The Nectar Franciacorta Bellavista wine can be matched with dessert, bakery or with creamy cakes. It is extraordinary with Sicilian cannolo. It is also very good aperitive for special occasions. It has to be served at 6°c

Alcohol content: 12.5%

Bottle size: 750ml

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