Borgo Magredo

Country: Friuli Grave - Italy

Region: Friuli Grave

Borgo Magredo is the largest estate in Friuli and it is located in the Grave del Friuli DOC. The history of Borgo Magredo began in 1989 when Genagricola acquired an existing property in the Municipality of Spilimbergo. The previous owner had sensed this territory’s optimal potential for viticulture, dedicating part of this property to vine cultivation. Genagricola began by establishing a deep and lasting relationship with the local Coop Nurseries, so to identify the clones that were most well-suited for the particular soil, known for being full of gravel and stones carried to the vineyards by the Meduna River as it flows down from the Alps (the famed ‘claps’ typical of the Grave area). The soil is so meager, hence the word ‘Magredo’, that the vines appear to be planted on a streambed. Vines were gradually replanted according to modern logic and it proved possible to valorize both the vines and the territory’s uniqueness. Over the course of 20 years, more than 200 hectares of vineyards have been planted, including cultivations that are experimental in this territory such as Moscato Rosa or Pinot Nero, which later became a great classic.

The unique soil also determines a particular microclimante: the stones capture heat during the day and release it at night, protecting the grapes from low temperatures. The warm draft then flows towards the mountains, its low-pressure drawing cooler breezes from the snowy peaks. The cool-warm temperature cycles span over 4 square miles of Grave vineyards and contribute to the unique aroma, flavor and fragrance of Borgo’s wines.

From an enological point of view, the cellar of Borgo Magredo is equipped with the most refined technologies for winemaking and refining: everything that is necessary for guaranteeing excellent production. Since 2014, famous eonologist Riccardo Cottarellaoversees every step of the production. The company’s objective is to achieve the perfect combination of century-old enological culture and contemporary drinking style. For the still wines of Borgo Magredo a new packaging has been designed, original and extremely charming, bridging the gap between classic traditions and the future. Borgo Magredo strives to be ahead of the times…capable of anticipating tomorrow!

Borgo Magredo Collection

Friuliano Grave Del Friuli Price € 12.20


Sensory features: Made with native vines par excellence, this wine boasts a characteristic sensation of almond flanked by delicate nuances of wild flowers, wisteria and white pepper. Its greatly mineral nature is bolstered by a pleasant aftertaste and hints of aromatic herbs.

Technical notes:

Grape variety: Tocai Friulano 100%

Terrian: Gravelly

With the care of an artisan who chooses amidst his pattern book of fabrics, they walk along the rows of their 200-hectare vineyard in the Grave del Friuli, to test the quality of every single grape variety. In the cellars – with the passion of a tailor – they create wines capable of valorizing the wine making traditions of Friuli, interpreting them with a gaze turned toward the future. For over forty years, this has been the signature style that guides Borgo Magredo while it transforms the most classic “cloth” to create wines with a modern cut.

Best served with: Asparagus, quiche, risotto, cured meats.

Alcohol content: 13%

Bottle size: 750ml

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Sauvignon Grave Del Friuli Price € 12.20


Sensory features: This pale yellow wine is crystalline with greenish reflections. Its intense aromatic charge and freshness emerge from its well-defined bouquet, enhanced by delicate hints of elderberry, nettle and black currents. It boasts a delicate body, characterized by a pleasant acidic sensation that’s fine and harmonious. It’s also highly appreciated by the palate for its good persistence.

Technical notes

Grape variety: Sauvignon Blanc

Terrain: Gravelly

Best served with: Seafood, shellfish, risotto with herbs, aubergines and courgettes

Alcohol content: 12.5

Bottle size: 750ml

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Traminer Grave Del Fruili Price € 12.20


Sensory features: Straw yellow in colour with greenish glimmers. The aromas are intense and well defined, reminiscent of wild rose and exotic fruit. Well regarded for its delicate body, this wine distinguishes itself for its pleasant acidity and fresh nature. Its elegant structure is matched with a distinct flavour.

Grape variety: 100% Traminer

Terrain: Gravelly

Best served with: Excellent served with fish and white meat dishes.

Alcohol content: 12.5% vol

Bottle size: 750ml

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Pinot Grigio Grave del Friuli € 12.20

BorgoMagredo PinotGricio New Bottle

Sensory features: Pinot Grigio is the most beloved of all Italian white wines. Made with 100% estate-owned grapes (15 to 20 years old), Borgo Magredo Pinot Grigio is bright, bouncy and open-knit, with a citrus-infused flavor profile and lively acidity. Hints of white peach, ground ginger and honey are layered on the finish.

Technical Notes

Grape variety: 100% Pinot Grigio

Vineyard: Tauriano di Spilimbergo (Province of Pordenone)

Soil: Gravel and stones of alluvial origin

Vinification: Grapes are harvested, de-stemmed and pressed gently. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature. 

Aging: The wine rests on the yeasts with frequent batonnage for nearly 4 months before being bottled.

Best served: Very versatile, it can be paired with appetizers, salads, fried or grilled calamari, seafood pastas and light seafood fares.

Bottle size: 750ml

Alcohol content: 12.5%

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Merlot Grave del Friuli Price € 13.20


Sensory featuresIntense ruby red with an intriguing nose displaying delicate fruity aromas and subtle spicy hints. Medium bodied, this wine is initially soft and smooth on the palate with an elegant character.

Technical notes

Grape variety: Merlot

Terrain: Gravelly

Best served with: Excellent served with red meat dishes and mature cheeses

Alcohol contect: 13.5%

Bottle size: 750ml

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Pinot Nero Grave del Friuli Price € 13.20

Borgo Magredo Pinot Nero.jpg

Sensory features: The most aristocratic of vineyards, Pinot Nero, in Grave del Friuli gives rise to an intensely perfumed wine that recalls roses, small red berries and cherries. These aromas follow through to the palate to give a soft, round and distinctly aromatic flavour.

Technical notes

Grape Variety: 100% Pinot Nero ( Pinot Noir)

Terrain: Gravelly

Best served with: A versatile food pairing wine, it is well-suited to pair with poultry, beef, fish, ham, lamb and pork. Also goes well with creamy sauces and spicy seasonings.

Alcohol content: 13.5% vol

Bottle size: 750ml

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