Alto de Piedras Carmenère DO - Single Vineyard Price € 31.40

demartino alto de piedras carmenere

These single vineyard wines, from very small properties and limited production, are the fruit of the work we started in 1996 investigating Chile from north to south and vinifying over 350 different terroirs. Of these, only a few were selected, with the objective to create wines that are a true reflection of their origin. This line shows the diversity of Chile and represents its best terroirs. It is a journey through our geography, where each wine tells us a new and unique story.

Sensory features: This prize-winning Carmenère is a brilliant deep, dark purplish colour, nicely framed with roasted tobacco and loam notes, with a core of crushed plum, steeped black currant and sage in reserve. The finish is muscular, but rounded and integrated, with the loamy edge lingering.

Technical Notes:
Grape variety: 100% Carmenère, ungrafted, with trellising and 5,000 vines per hectare.
Soil: Alluvial terraces with deposits from the Maipo River, which transported volcanic rock from the Andes Mountain Range towards the valley. It is a heterogeneous soil profile, typical of alluvial terraces with an abundance of pebbles from volcanic rock. On average the rock appears at a depth of 1.4m. The proportion of silt, sand and clay vary according to the depth: the greater the depth, the more sand and less clay there is. An average yield of 1.7 Kg per vine.

Ageing: The wine is aged for two years in oak foudres, with the aim of ensuring that the aromas and tastes from the wood are not transferred to the wine and thus do not mask the
characteristics typical of its terroir

Best Served: Excellent with duck, lamb or red meat preparations with spices

Serving Temperature: 16 – 18°C

Alcohol content: 13%

Bottle size: 750 ml


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