Jeio Cuvée Rosé Brut Price € 9.40

JeioCuveeRosecropped sml

Sensorial features: This cuvée is a delicate, slightly rusty pink colour in the glass and there are hints of red fruits, under-ripe strawberry comes through well on the nose and some acidity. On the palate it has a good fruitiness, which also gives the impression of sweetness, raspberry, under-ripe strawberry and cranberry edginess come through in its lovely acidity. As you take a mouthful, its foam has a great mousse like quality and as that dies down there is some light syrupy body to it.

This wines makes an ideal aperitif, perfect for appetizers and canapés at reception and cocktail parties, or even to accompany the entire meal (pastas with vegetables, white meat dishes and the most varied seafood dishes.)

Technical notes
Grape varieties: 50% Merlot & 50% Pinot Noir 

Residual Sugar: 8 grams per litre

Alcohol content: 11.5%

Bottle Size: 750 ml

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