Country: Alto Adige - Italy

Region: South Tyrol

Founded in 1848, the Tiefenbrunner Castel Turmhof Winery owes its name to the ancient castle known today as the home of the Tiefenbrunner family. The winery is in the hamlet Entiklar, in the town of Kurtatsch, which is in the South Tyrolean province of Bozen amid the awe-inspiring Italian Alps. Tiefenbrunner produces over 20 types of quality wines, and each bottle receives the attentive care of expert winemakers and owners, Herbert Tiefenbrunner and his son, Christof. Many international awards testify to the quality that results from their generations of experience, with the flagship of Tiefenbrunner being the Müller-Thurgau “Feldmarschall.”

Wine grapes have been cultivated at Castel Turmhof for over 300 years, and from numerous historical documents, it is clear that wine growing played a significant role in the economic development of Entiklar. Vines were cultivated here as early as the era of the Rhaetians, and in particular, during Roman times. The “Linticlar estate” is first mentioned in records dating from 1225 AD. A hundred years later, the Cathedral Chapter of Trento was supplied with wine from the estate “auf dem Püche,” also known as “mansu a coste,” on the orders of the Counts of Tyrol. With the drawing up of a new land register in 1848, the castle name officially became “Turmhof” under owner and winemaker Karl Pardatscher. In 1968, Hilde and Herbert Tiefenbrunner took ownership and set off in a new direction for the winery, with the opening of an outlet at the Turmhof. Wines intended for sale off-premises were now bottled and sold to the general public. Gradually, new markets were developed and production of bottled wines increased accordingly.

Born in Bolzano in 1965, Christof Tiefenbrunner attended the Commercial School in the Alto Adige region at Ora, followed by the Laimburg School of Agriculture Horticulture and Viticulture. Christof’s winemaking training also included three months at the Castello di Volpaia in Tuscany in 1985, and three months at a winery at Augsburg, Germany in 1983. Today, along with his father, Herbert, Christof is fully committed to the Tiefenbrunner principles of preserving the character of grape varieties and the high quality of the grapes themselves.

Location of Vineyard

Tiefenbrunner’s vineyards are located along the enchanting Südtyroler Weinstrasse, the Wine Route of South Tyrol, in one of the most beautiful wine-growing areas in Alto Adige. The vines are grown mainly on the mountain slopes around the Turmhof Castle, with other vines located in the flatter areas of the valley. The primarily southward-facing slopes and their loamy, chalk-rich soils represent the best environment for producing high-quality wines. The Mediterranean climate, characterized by moderate rainfall and cooling evening winds, allows for a substantial difference between day and night temperatures, providing ideal conditions for the perfect ripening of the grapes. Rich in extracts and potent in aroma, the grapes are turned into wines of unmistakable character.; at 3280 feet above sea level, it is the highest vineyard in Europe. The philosophy of the Tiefenbrunner family, in the vineyards and in the cellar, is to relentlessly improve the grape quality and to highlight the varietal character of each wine. This guiding principle is both a philosophy and the basis for the winery’s viticultural practice in harmony with nature, reflected in the cultivation and protection of the vines. When new vines are planted, the optimal combination of location and varietal is sought. The carefully selected vine stocks are no longer planted strictly in the traditional pergola system, but trained on wire frames regardless of the location. In the last few years, however, the traditional pergola system has been re-introduced to the steep rock slopes in a slightly altered form. The open pergola offers the vine an ideal balance between sun and shade, which contributes to the development of particularly good grape aroma.

Winemaking Philosophy

Expert winemakers, Herbert Tiefenbrunner and his son Christof maintain complete control over all winery operations, from harvest through the transformation of the juice into world-renowned wines. Their expertise is highly regarded well beyond the borders of South Tyrol, showcasing grapes pressed from over 60 acres of estate-grown vines. Tiefenbrunner also purchases select grapes from another 100 acres of surrounding vineyards. The selection of only healthy and high-value grapes ripened over months in the vineyards leads to the subsequent task of maintaining and perfecting quality in the cellar

Tiefenbrunner Collection

Merus Pinot Bianco Price € 15.00

IMG 0411

Sensory Features: This is an elegant Pinot Bianco with a light medium-lemon colour. The wine offers aromas of white flowers, lemon-lime citrus, and hints of green apples and pears. On the palate, the wine's subtle, creamy texture is countered by refreshing acidity and minerality.

Technical Notes

Temperature-controlled fermentation at 68 °F in steel tanks is followed by a four-month aging on the fine lees in concrete vats prior to bottling.

Food pairing

This wine is wonderful on its own as an aperitif or paired with light salads and vegetable antipasti, light appetizers, fish dishes and asparagus.

Bottle size: 750ml


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Merus Sauvignon Blanc Price € 16.40

IMG 0412

Sensory Features: Brilliant yellow colour enchanced with light green reflections, a wine that really knows how to seduce the olfactory sense with its intense aromas of flint, gooseberry, green pepper, sage and mint. An elegant wine, pleasently sapid with an ambitious aftertaste. 

Location of the vineyards: South, southeast-facing hillside vineyards in Cortaccia, Penone e Niclara (290 m – 500 m a.s.l.)

Soil: Chalk gravel moraine soil 

Vinification: Temperature-controlled fermentation at 20 °C in steel tanks is followed by a four-month aging on the fine lees in concrete vats prior to bottling. 

Food pairing: Aperitif, asparagus, grilled vegetable, fish, goat cheese

Suggested serving temperature: 10 – 12 °C 

Bottle size: 750 ml

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Merus Müller Thurgau Price € 15.20

Screenshot 2018 05 14 22.15.37

Sensory Features: From pale green to pale yellow in colour, this wine has a wonderful scent with a fruity, aromatic fragrances of wild herbs, fresh grass and nutmeg. Its balancing acidity potential makes it quite full-bodied and subtly elegant in the finish. 

Technical Notes

Soil: Chalk gravel moraine soil 

Vinification: Temperature-controlled fermentation at 20 °C in steel tanks is followed by a four-month aging on the fine lees in concrete vats prior to bottling. 

Food Pairing: Aperitif, light starters, fried freshwater fish and cream cheese

Bottle size: 375 ml & 750 ml 

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Merus Gewürztraminer Price € 16.70

Screenshot 2018 05 14 22.52.40

Sensory FeaturesThis Gewürztraminer is a luminous yellow in coulor, with a pronounced bouquet of ripe grapes and candied fruits, accompanied by fine notes of honey, oriental spices, sage and rose petals. It is a full-bodied, harmonious wine with a lasting finish.

Technical notes

Location and vineyards: Southeast-facing hillside vineyards in Kurtatsch and Entiklar (260 – 470 m a.s.l.)

VinificationTemperature-controlled fermentation at 20 °C in steel tanks is followed by a four-month aging on the fine lees in concrete vats prior to bottling. 

Food pairing Aperitif, Asian cuisine, shellfish and goose liver pâté

Bottle size: 375 ml & 750 ml

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Turmhof Gewürztraminer Price € 25.70

IMG 0414

Sensory FeaturesThis Gewürztraminer ranges in colour from luminous to golden yellow. It has a wide aromatic range of rose petals, honey and lychees with a full-bodied structure, and a long finish. A full-bodied and harmonious white wine with a long finish.

Location and vineyards: Southwest-facing hillside vineyards in Niclara and Cortaccia (260 – 400 m a.s.l.)

SoilChalk gravel moraine soil in Niclara and loamy soil in Cortaccia 

Vinification: After six to eight hours maceration on the skins, there follows fermentation in steel tanks at a temperature of 20 °C. Thereafter the wine matures for six months on the fine lees. 

Food pairingGrilled fish, shellfish, Asian dishes and hot dishes, and blue cheese

Bottle size: 750 ml

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Turmhof Sauvignon Blanc Price € 22.20

I0008290 th sa

Sensory featuresLuminous yellow with green reflections, this wine has a beautifully pronounced bouquet of flint, elderflowers, gooseberries, green pepper, sage and mint. It is pleasantly salty and minerally, fresh on the palate and, with its finely integrated acidity, juicy in the finish.

Location of the vineyards: South-, southeast-facing hillside vineyards in Cortaccia (400 – 700 m a.s.l. ), south-, southwest-facing hilly sites in Aica di Fiè (600 – 700 m a.s.l.)

Food pairing: Asparagus, grilled vegetables, fish, goat cheese

Bottle size: 750ml


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Turmhof Pinot Nero Price € 21.90

I0008582 th bb

Sensory featuresRuby red in colour with garnet tones, this wine has delicate aromas of raspberries, red cherries, strawberries, and violets. On the palate, the wine is elegant and smooth with delicious red berry flavours balanced with crisp acidity and a soft, round finish.

VinificationFermentation on the skins in stainless steel tanks is followed by malolactic fermentation, then the wine ages for another eight months in large wooden casks and small wooden barrels.

Food pairingPair this wine with pasta dishes, marinara sauces, chicken marsala, and paella.

Bottle size: 750ml

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Feldmarschall Von Fenner Müller Thurgau Price € 53.60

I0007724 fm mt

This beautifully crafted wine is made from 100% Müller-Thurgau. The vineyards sit on the high plateau of Fennberg, protected from the northerly winds and ripened in a unique microclimate. At an elevation of 3,300 feet above sea level, these are among the highest Müller-Thurgau vineyards in Europe. The wine is named after Franz Philipp Freiherr von Fenner zu Fennberg, founder of the Austrian Kaiserjäger (soldiers of the Austrian emperor), who once used this picturesque Hofstatt as a summer residence.

Sensory features: Light straw in colour, the Feldmarschall offers intense aromas of stone fruits and crisp green apples with scents of jasmine and sage. On the palate, this beautifully balanced wine displays a rich minerality and zesty acidity that results in incredible finesse.

The Vineyard: The striking red soil is characterized by heterogeneous glacier moraine rock. At the middle levels, silty-loamy sand predominates, with some white and red marble as well as porphyry and granite foundlings. Dolomite and limestone are found in the deeper horizons. The soil's high salto content contributes to the fruit and herb aromas.

Wine production: The exposed site at 1000 metres above sea-level and the weather pattern call for harvesting in two to four passes with strict selection for optimum maturity of the grapes. After a short maceration period, the grapes are gently pressed. One half is left to ferment in a large wooden barrel and one half in a stainless steel tank, all without the use of added yeast. The young wine is then allowed to rest on the fine lees for just under a year. After bottling, the wine spends another six months maturing in the bottle. To preserve the full aromatic spectrum, the wine bottles are closed with a screw top.

Food pairing: Extremely elegant and refined, the Feldmarschall pairs well with a vast array of lighter seafood dishes, especially oysters and sashimi.

Bottle size: 750ml

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Grappa Feldmarschall Von Fenner Price € 37.80


Sensory features This Grappa is distilled from the best pomace of five vintages Müller-Thurgau from the FELDMARSCHALL vineyard. Smooth despite high alcohol level, this grappa stands out for its unobstrusive fruity aroma with a touch of dried fruit and vanilla. Elegant and smooth body, harmonious and round on the palate.

Alcohol content: 42.5%

Bottle size: 350ml

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Grappa Turmhof Gewürztraminer Price € 37.80


Sensory featuresThis pomace brandy (Grappa) is distilled from the best marc of our Gewürztraminer grapes, whose extensive aroma spectrum is reflected in the bouquet. Despite its high alcohol cotent, it is subtle in taste and offers a delicate rose bouquet, typical for the variety, as well as tangy notes. It has a smooth, full body is round on the palate and has a long finish.

Alcohol content: 42.5%

Bottle size: 500ml

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